One of the most important components protecting your home is the roof. Everything you have inside, from members of your family to your prized possessions, is found under a roof. The issue is that no roof lasts forever. If yours is getting close to 20 years old, it’s time to have a professional roofing contractor visit to inspect it. After all, repairs may be needed. At some point, it may also be time to replace the roof as a whole. But how do you know when is the time to repair the roof and when you should go further and entirely swap it out? This article will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

Spotting the Most Common Signs of Roof Problems
While some roof issues might be easy to see, many of them are lingering away from human eyes. The problem is that if you don’t catch these problems, it can lead to terrible consequences. Everything from property damage to electrical dangers and structural risks, mold growth, and leaks could occur.

This is why it’s recommended that you have your roof condition checked regularly, especially after severe weather. Below are a few signs that something might be amiss:

  • Roof debris and granules located in the gutters
  • Bits of sunlight going through into the attic
  • Water damage near the ceiling and walls
  • Discoloration or sagging of the ceiling
  • Moss or algae growing on materials of the roof
  • Rotting exterior siding or facia board
  • Cracked, curling, or missing roof shingles

If you notice even one of these issues, it’s time to bring in the experts. Call a professional roofing specialist to check things out and make any needed repairs.

When to Patch and Repair and When to Replace the Roof
There are many things to think about when deciding whether the roof needs a repair, like a patch, or should have a full replacement. For instance, those who have a new roof (or one installed in the last decade), the condition of the roof is likely fine. Damage is only likely to occur due to incidents like high winds or downed trees. In this sort of situation, a repair will likely handle the problem.

However, maybe you have a property that has been around for a while and the roof hasn’t been replaced in a couple of decades. You’ll likely have some deterioration of the roof going on, which means it could be better to move forward and invest in a total replacement. In this case, if one area of the roof needs work, others probably do too. Replacing the entire roof can be less costly than dealing with constant repairs. It also ensures everything in your home is protected and safe, no matter what weather or other factors come into play.

Whether you need a simple patch, another repair, or even a full replacement, the best thing you can do is get in touch with a local roofing contractor. They can come up with a solution based on your budget and needs. It’s better to get the work done now than to wait for further damage.